A different kind of PHP MVC framework. Better.

Easy Development

If you know what MVC is, then you're good to go! Follow the best practices of MVC and all pieces will automatically come together.

It's compatible with your favorite IDE. Our documented code will help your IDE to offer you the best and the fastest code completion.

Small Size

Many PHP frameworks are so large that even they decided to publish micro version of them self. It means something is wrong.

Koldy PHP is lightweight and doesn't depend on any other library or other framework's parts to make its core working out of the box.

Big Performance

It's not fast just because of small size. It was carefully written with performance in mind.

And it's ready to show some performance numbers during your development.

Ecosystem Compatible

You can get the framework using Composer. And you can use Composer to get other libraries from PHP ecosystem.

And this is recommended way of how to use it.

Perfectly Fits Your Needs

It doesn't matter if you're starting a new project or want to migrate to Koldy, you won't be forced to use our way of using it. You can easily develop your own routing, caching, logging, mailing or anything else just by extending our base class, reference it in config and voila!

Instantly Productive

You should be working on the app you want to develop. Don't waste your time finding hacks for problems you encountered with framework.

What is good framework?

Our opinion on what good framework is:

And what is good PHP framework?

Ready to dive in?

To speed up with your instant productiveness, we prepared boilerplate you can start using with just one command.