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\Koldy\Crypt is another helper which can be used to easily encrypt data and decrypt it back to its original form.

To crypt your data, use:

$encryptedText = \Koldy\Crypt::encrypt('plain text', 'encryptionKey', 'method');
  1. First parameter on encrypt() method is mandatory.
  2. If you don't provide encryption key, application key will be used.
  3. If you don't provide method, it'll be taken from security configuration block. If it's not there, then framework's default method is aes-256-cbc. You can find list of available methods here.

Same is when decrypting encrypted payload.

$plainText = \Koldy\Crypt::decrypt('encryptedText', 'encryptionKey', 'method');

If for some reason you pass wrong encryption method, \Koldy\Crypt\CryptException will be thrown.

If encrypted payload is modified or corrupted by any other way, \Koldy\Crypt\MalformedException will be thrown from decrypt method.