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Database Query Builders


Query builders are here to speed up the process of inserting, updating, deleting and selecting one or more rows from database. We recommend to use query builders for all CRUD operations and you're always encouraged not to write database queries directly, unless there's no other way.

Query builders we have:


You can use WHERE statements on SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE query builders.

Framework is using query builders internally for all operations on database models.

All query builders are within \Koldy\Db\Query namespace, so to use all examples, use:

use Koldy\Db\Query\{Select, Insert, Update, Delete};


One of very useful features is that query builders are formatting SQL queries on human very readable way, so if you try to print instance of any query builder, you'll see nicely formatted query prepared for PDO. If you call debug() method on the instance, you'll get formatted query filled with actual values. This is very useful during development and during troubleshooting.

Database Connections

If you don't define database connection name on query builder, it'll use default database connection. If you want to execute query on some other database connection, then you have to explicitly define the name of database connection by using setAdapter() method which accepts database connection name as first parameter.

You don't have to worry about database connection when initiating new query builder from model.