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Koldy framework provides basic functionality for emails for development and production.


To configure all email adapters, use configs/mail.php which is poiter config.

return [
    'default' => 'simulate',

    'simulate' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'adapter_class' => '\Koldy\Mail\Adapter\Simulate'

    'file' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'adapter_class' => '\Koldy\Mail\Adapter\File',
        'options' => [
            'location' => 'storage:mail'

    'sendmail' => [
        'enabled' => true,
        'adapter_class' => '\Koldy\Mail\Adapter\Mail'

Available Mail Adapters

Here are currently available mail adapters:

  1. Simulate - sends email content to log, useful for development only
  2. File - sends content of email to file, useful for development only
  3. native Mail - uses PHP's native mail() function

If you need PHPMailer support, check koldy/phpmailer package.

Sending Emails

use Koldy\Mail;

$mail = Mail::create()
    ->subject('Test email')
    ->body('Email\'s test body');


This is the simplest way how to send an email. Failure will produce \Koldy\Mail\Exception. To add more information to the email you're sending, use:

    ->from('you@example.com', 'Your Name')
    ->to('someone@example.com', 'Recipient Name');

HTML Emails

To send an HTML email, pass true as the second parameter of body() method:

$mail->body('<html>...</html>', true);

If you want to send both HTML version and plain text version, then pass third parameter containing plain text:

$mail->body('<html>...</html>', true, 'Alternative plain text');

Custom Headers

Sometimes, you may wish to set additional headers. You can do it with:

$mail->setHeader('headerName', 'headerValue');


To send an attachment within email, use:

$mail->attachFile('/var/tmp/file.txt', 'FileName.txt');

Additional Options

There are few additional options you may use:

$mail->replyTo('other@email.com', 'Optional name');

$mail->cc('boss@example.com', 'Boss Name');

$mail->bcc('other.boss@example.com', 'Other Boss Name');

Creating Custom Adapter

To create your own custom custom implementation, simply create class that extends \Koldy\Mail\Adapter\AbstractMailAdapter and implement all required methods. Then you'll be able to set your own class as adapter_class in configs/mail.php.