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This helper has methods that convert one information to another. Here's what it can do.


It'll convert number of bytes to short, common format:

use Koldy\Convert;

echo Convert::bytesToString(2048); // prints "2 M"


When you get any "bytes shorthand" written like 8M and you want to convert it to bytes as integer, then use this method:

use Koldy\Convert;

echo Convert::stringToBytes('8M'); // prints 8388608


If you don't live in English only area, then you'll probably encounter problem with special characters and possible solution would be to convert your string to UTF8 string before using it somewhere else (like storing it to database). In this case, use this method to ensure that the string you want really has UTF8 encoding.

use Koldy\Convert;

$utf8string = Convert::stringToUtf8('my string with special characters');