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Email Logger

This logger will send an email. It is useful only for emergency or critical log levels and you have to be careful when to use it. It is not recommended for high traffic web sites, but it is recommended for small sites when you don't want to use any external tracking service, but still want to be alerted when something goes wrong.


    'enabled' => (PHP_SAPI == 'cli'),
    'adapter_class' => '\Koldy\Log\Adapter\Email',
    'options' => [
        'log' => ['critical', 'alert', 'emergency'],
        'to' => 'address@email.com',
        'adapter' => 'default',
        'send_immediately' => PHP_SAPI == 'cli'



This is standard array of all log message levels that you want to forward to this logger.


This is the email address where reports should be sent. If you want to send an email to multiple address, simply define this as array:

'to' => ['address1@email.com', 'address2@email.com']


This is the name of adapter from mail configuration which will be used to send an email.

Send Immediately

If send_immediately is set to true, then email will be sent immediately. If you call Log::emergency() multiple times within one request, then multiple emails will be sent. That's why we recommend this to be true only in CLI environment where such setting is useful, and false for HTTP requests.


In case you want to customize your email adapter before sending an email, add get_mail_fn which must return instance of \Koldy\Log\Adapter\AbstractLogAdapter.

E.g.: this is useful if you're using PHPMailer and you want to put some custom stuff, like:

'get_mail_fn' => function () {
    $mail = \Koldy\Mail::create('phpmailer');
    $mail->getPHPMailer()->SMTPSecure = false;
    return $mail;

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