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Session File Storage

To store one file per session on file system, use \Koldy\Session\Adapter\File class. Options array accepts only session_save_path which should be the full path to the folder where session files should be written. If this is not defined, then /storage/session folder will be used. Final config example should look like this:

return [
    'adapter_class' => '\Koldy\Session\Driver\File',
    'options' => [
        'session_save_path' => '/var/tmp/session'

  'cookie_life' => 0,
  'cookie_path' => '/',
  'cookie_domain' => '',
  'cookie_secure' => false,
  'session_name' => 'koldy',
  'http_only' => true

If folder you set doesn't exists, framework will try to create it while trying to write session file. If it fails to create the folder, \Koldy\Filesystem\Exception will be thrown.

CAUTION! If you have high traffic site, then using file storage won't be good idea because PHP will constantly try to read and write on filesystem. Instead of file driver, consider using database or some other session adapter.


Are you behind load balancer? File session storage can work on cloud only if you have load balancer that will persist session on incoming requests. This means that all requests for end user has to be routed to the same web node.

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